Sunday, October 20, 2013

The fruit of the labour :)

I have had the great pleasure of meeting the one of the first kids ever to be taken care of by Avis,

back before there was an orphanage, back when only the church was built. He was ten years old when he found himself in the streets of Pacasmayo alone, abandoned by his own mother. He didn't have any documents to prove who he was, so when the law got a hold of him it would mean trouble. After wondering the streets begging for money for food for a while it didn't take very long until he got questioned by the police. "What's your name son" "do you have your DNI (national identification document) the officer asked. "No sir" came the reply. And then the strangest question, now you have to understand that to find an officer who would go out of his way for even a child was hard to find. "Do you believe in God?" Figuring that his chances would be better "yes" he replied. "Get into the car" came the stern demand. Obviously very scared he climbed in obediently. It didn't take long and the car stopped in front of a huge building. Opening the door the cop says, "this is your new home".
After a few knocks the door swings open to reveal a happy lady who called him in and gave him food, and just loved on him, Avis Goodhart. Unfortunately there was a rotten apple in the house, I believe unbeknownst to Avis. This person was not happy with the fact that Avis was starting to take in kids, she liked it the way it was with just the church, so to keep this story short this person won the battle and all the kids had to go back out on the street, because Avis was not an official orphanage. Our young boy was shipped of into the jungle because that's where he said he was from. And for years he did all he could to be able to eat every day. Today he is 22 years old, and life was getting increasingly more difficult to get by without any documents. You can't even travel without an ID. In thinking of what he could do, and getting frustrated by being turned down by anyone who might be able to help him, he remembered a godly women who had once taken him in. So he put his shoulder to the wheel all he could for one month, and he managed to work up enough money to get himself to Pacasmayo through "undercover" transportation.
Don't underestimate how difficult this was, we are not talking about America. If he gets caught by the police he might get thrown in prison and tortured because they think he could be a terrorist. But he finds himself to the orphanage without getting caught and he rings the door bell and asks for Avis, a name he will never forget. The paperwork has been started, it's a long process but he is on his way to having an identity Praise The Lord. He has managed to find himself an under the table job here while he's waiting. He has dreams of going to school and making something of himself.
We spent the day eating and playing volleyball and going to the beach to swim, and he wants me to teach him English so he's gonna come here every Sunday to hang out and learn English. God is a very good God.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pineapples and papaya

Pineapple and papaya, Peru has some of the finest,
ya this life is tough :) it's been a busy good day, we started cleaning out our "guest house" for some people coming from the states, man I tell ya people don't realize how much cleaning goes into preparing rooms for people, if a house sits for any period of time it gets covered in dust. On another note, the government is giving us a mighty hard time renewing our residence cards for the kids, when we first got the cards we gave them the original birth certificates for our kids and never got them back, now they want another copy of an original :) yep fun, please pray cause the devil don't want us here. On an other other note, man I'm on a role. It's that time of year to start with civil defence, every year we have to have an enspection done on our facilities, it's S/.2000 Right off the bat, than comes the list of things that they didn't like and we have to change, some of which we can fight off - more money. other things we have to change- more money - your doors can't open far enough, you can't have glass in your windows, and so forth :) yep lots of fun. Tomorrow I have to go tell our school teachers their contract will not be renewed :( we are moving on to different people, more fun :) I'm thankful for a God who in the midths of trials of all sorts he is able to keep you perfectly content, we have next to no material possession and no less troubles as we did before but I have not known contentment before we came here, thank you Jesus. And I'm thankful for papaya and pineapples :) bless you in our precious Lord Jesus Christ 

Monday, October 7, 2013

One Year Later

Here we are! Back in Pacasmayo, Peru. Praise the Lord for smooth travels once again! I think our kids were born for this, they did great. So proud of all three of them! Our suitcases were packed full thanks to all the kind donations of clothes and gifts we received. Thank you thank you Lord for brothers and sisters who care for us!
We are still tired physically but so energized spiritually. Our 7 week visit back in Canada was just what we needed.  After 10 months of being away it was such a blessing to see our families & friends again, and our awesome church family at Selah Fire.  Baby Tahlia finally got to meet her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins for the first time. We were all loved on like crazy and invited to so many wonderful dinners that I almost started to miss cooking...almost :) It was good to get a break. Thank you to everyone who cooked for us! we had missed our Canadian food! And along with all the good Canadian food, we also enjoyed some awesome Canadian weather, even the thunderstorms, we had missed that too in Peru.  We enjoyed some relaxing camping with family, had some good bon-fires, met new people, and at the end of our visit went to the Catch the Fire conference in Toronto. We were both very blessed by our time there and learned so much from the many great speakers and worship leaders from all over the world, but Jake had an especially good experience. The Lord touched him in an amazing way, and it left him changed. But how could such an amazing encounter with our Awesome, Almighty God not leave you changed? Praise God.  What a perfect way to end our visit and come back to Casa de Paz.  
We were very warmly welcomed home by the kids and all here at Casa de Paz. They couldn't believe how much Tahlia had grown since we left.  We were happy to hear that everything had gone good while we were away. A few new kids came in and a few more have left, and altogether we are down to just 27 kids now.

More good news - Pacasmayo finally has fresh water coming in! This means no more hauling drinking water, and finally there is hope for our garden! After only a couple weeks of watering the garden is coming back to life. God is good! 

Jake and I both feel like this is a new beginning for us at Casa de Paz, a new chapter.  It's exciting! 
Exactly a year ago we made the big move down here not knowing what was in store for us...and here we are now a year later, the new president of Go Ye Ministries. Wow who would've known? God's plans for our lives are always bigger and better than our own plans.  
I'm not sure what this new role all involves, but I'm sure we have lots to learn and we will need lots of prayer for wisdom, guidance, strength, and grace as we continue to walk in faith.    I'm so glad we don't have to do it alone.  ThankYou God for providing all our needs.  Thankyou for the body of believers, brothers and sisters who are constantly praying for one another and working together to let Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. 

I will praise you, Lord my God, with all my heart; I will glorify your name forever. Psalm 86:12